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By the Side of the Road Soul of the River Rising Star Mill - An Intimate Portrait Trees of Wetherill Mesa
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Landscapes Black & White Little Wolf River South Dakota Badlands Water On the Beach Sky Misc Fantasy Dance Plants and Trees
Conduplicatio 1 "Tranquil and Imperturbable" "The Small Goes, the Great Comes" "There is Water on the Earth in Accord" The Spine "When Stardust is Seen at Midday" Conduplicatio 2 Mammoth Hot Springs "Adornment of the Hills and Groves" Caution "In Difficulty, See Without Losing Bearings" Geronimo One Day on 17th Street "It is Beneficial to Have Somewhere to Go" Building Matrix Carnival Mirror or Reality? City Lights "The One-Eyed Can See" "Darkness Aware of Darkness" "Emptying the Mind, One Can Fill the Belly" "The Well is Pure, the Cold Spring is Used for Drinking" "Stillness is the Substance of Joyfulness" "Stillness Within and Without" "Light Emerges Over the Earth" "Observing the Glory of the Country" "Thunder is Arisiing, Mountain is Still" "There is Thunder Over a Mountain" A Truck Raises Dust at Sunrise River Flow #4 River Flow #3
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