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Robert Rosen


His formal training was in music studying at the University of Illinois and at Michigan State University.  He was professor of percussion at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point for twenty-seven years retiring as professor emeritus in 2011.  For many years he and his clarinetist wife Andrea presented hundreds of performances as the Uwahrrie Clarinet-Percussion Duo throughout the United States.

His interested in photography emerged in 2000 as the music building he worked in at the university was demolished to make way for a new structure.  He set out to photograph the process but soon began observing sculpture in the debris.  He found emotional relationships between the machinery used for demolition and construction.  This led to a new camera and lenses.

In the 1970’s through the 90’s Rosen was active as a hiker and climber in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Wyoming.  As his photography began to develop he made yearly trips west of the Mississippi for photography which he continues to this day.

His photographs received the Juror’s Choice Award at the Visions XIII in 2011 and Visions XIV in 2012 at the Riverfront Arts Center in Stevens Point.  He has participated in the 2012 & 2013 Rising Mill Art Show in Nelsonville , the Arts Night in Stevens Point in 2012, and the 2013 Festival of the Arts in Stevens Point.

In the fall of 2013 he collaborated with poet Dan Holland and presented “Soul of the River,” a celebration of the Little Wolf River at the Tomorrow River Gallery.  From Jan-Feb. 2014 his images were part of a collaboration titled “Lightscapes” combining with the images of photographer John Morser and the light-sculptors of Paul Klein.

His work is available for purchase at  Gallery Q in downtown Stevens Point.

Artist Statement

Creating photographs for me is like improvising music.  I tend to work fast without significant planning.  I work with available light responding in the moment to the shapes, shading, colors, etc. that I encounter.  I usually do not alter the content of the photo except for the normal digital developing needed for each image.  I print my own images up to 44 inches wide on my wide format printer using archival pigment ink on archival paper.

Once the image is in print, I evaluate it in much the same manner as it was created.  I have a sense of the original stimulus when the image was first shot and I try to capture that in the print.  Sometimes, however, the print takes on its own life and surprises me with qualities I did not expect.  At these times I allow myself to get into the flow of the unexpected and let the image find its own place.

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